Wednesday, July 17, 2013

on family (and blog family)

here's a start at a perspective on family (and blog families) for pondering... we do not have to be sharing or in touch to be family or a blog family, we only have to want to be family or a blog family to be family or a blog family... people do not need to be in touch and share to still care... so we are family or blog family if we want to be family or blog family and if we share a few words now and then all the better cuz it's good to know family and blog family and through sharing, we get to know each other :)

simply, family starts inside with wanting to be family... so to all silent blog family members out there, no worries, you are still blog family if you want to be... share when you want to, read when you want to, do nothing and still be family anytime... cuz it makes sense and feels better this way...

your thoughts? :)

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Pernickety said...

Yea, I think it's already been working like this.. the feeling that you can return at any moment, but at the same time that you're not really leaving at any point of time, just because you're still thinking about it, therefore still a part of it.. oh, stop this accelerating train of thought!